Breaking Through with
New Technology

A leader in advanced marketing technologies

AimLogic provides our clients with the creativity of an ad agency combined with the Newest Patented technologies.

We offer our clients unique advanced technologies to enhance their marketing strategy.

What's the Game Plan?

Our goal is to provide our clients with the most advanced solutions available. We provide the market's only technology that allows you to not only conquer the competition website traffic but dominate the market and drive market share gains regardless of your industry.

StealthLogic XR programs will allow you to dominate your competition's website traffic.  Identify who's visiting, and apply an intense campaign to engage these prospects.

ShadowLogic XR will enable you to identify your website visitors down to the name, address, email, and phone.  Thus, giving you a huge advantage because you now know who your website prospects are and can market directly back to them by email, direct mail, and even a phone call.  

Logic allows you to monitor who's calling, what ads created the call, and how to stay in contact with the right prospects. AI takes over to enhance the call reporting and framework.

LogicRetargeting will keep your business in front of them after they have visited your website through multiple verticals such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Display with one complete solution.

LogicCommercials OTT/CTV provide your competition the final blow by completing the conquest with the most effective commercial advertising via 15-30 Second commercials delivered to exactly the right client.  Identify who saw the commercials, when they saw the ads, track if they visit your website, or visit your location, even if they spent money with you.

Finally, most companies have spent hundreds of thousand gathering customer data but are limited with what they can do with it. Now with the ReverseLogic Email and Social Programs, you can begin optimizing that data to market directly back to those individuals in verticals once limited.

When you're ready to get serious about marketing and crave more traffic, the AimLogic programs can answer the call.  

Our programs are designed with all budgets in mind, and you can choose the combination that best suits your situation and budget.

StealthLogic XR

Conquer your competition's website traffic with Stealth XR.  We own the patent and technology that allows us to identify your competitor's website traffic and remarket directly back to them in multiple verticals.  Such Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and all Exchange Networks


 Our technology allows you to deanonymize your website's traffic down to Name, Address, Email, and Phone number. Stop letting your website traffic remain invisible and reengage them directly.  Track Attribution, engage them with email or direct mail.  Even pick up the phone when appropriate to reengage.


Know who's calling and from what advertisement directed them to pick up the phone. Get a better understanding of your marketing dollar spend and listen to see if prospects are potential customers. 


Get in front of your customers via the most advanced technology by running commercials to only those individuals you want to see your 15-30 second commercials on outlets such as Hulu, Apple TV, Sling, Roku, and Smart TV.


After Customers visit your website, how are you staying in touch if they don't leave any contact information? Start retargeting your website's traffic, back on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, CTV/OTT, and all the ad Exchange networks. 


We need an email and name or social accounts and let our algorithm take over. We will reverse engineer those individuals’ info allowing you the unique ability to stay in front of them on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, all the Ad Exchange Networks even

The 3-Steps to Successful Conquering


Conquer your direct competitor's websites traffic

Your direct competition's website traffic might be a great target.  Conquer those clients and prospects that are visiting the websites of your competition.  For a fraction of the cost, they spent to acquire them.


Conquer where your prospects visit

Maybe your competition is difficult to determine or has low volume of visitors.  Focus on where your prospects might be visiting is a great option and hugely successful in many verticals. 


Conquer Keywords in URL

Conquer the prospect directly by targeting the keywords in the URL's they are visiting.  Example: does the word Cart appear in the URL, if so they are most likely buyers


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